The Progress Party


The weaknesses [we have found] in the function and structure of the States are in our opinion serious. It is the weakness of a national assembly, the members of which are so divided amongst themselves that they have difficulty in arriving at and maintaining any decision, which permits the balance of power to pass into the hands of a very few people. This is an unhealthy development in any society, however honourable and well intentioned those few may be.

A comment made in the Clothier Report on the States of Jersey – December 2000.

Nothing has really changed in Jersey since then.  Indecision is still holding Jersey back 20 years on.  Support change or continue with much of the same.

Why have a party system?

A political party system is generally accepted as the most progressive way to foster modern democracy.  It provides an electorate with decisive government. Contemporary scholars and policy-makers charged with fostering the development of newly emerging democracies or with improving the quality of democracy in established democratic countries all make the same point.


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