The Progress Party is pleased to announce a new candidate for the June 2022 election | Sophie Walton

Apr 22, 2022

Press Release 22 April 2022

The Progress Party (TPP) is pleased to announce another candidate is joining its ranks in the run up to the June 2022 election.

Sophie Walton, a member of TPP, lives in St Clement and has worked in the Parish of St Saviour for many years.  Sophie was born and raised in Jersey and now owns and runs a successful Hair Salon as well as teaching her profession within a local academy.

Party Chair Eliot Lincoln said

“Sophie has come through our selection process successfully. She impressed upon us that she identified very much with our values and has been enthused by the policies that have been developed, on a wide variety of issues, by TPP”


Party Leader Senator Steve Pallett added

“Sophie is well known face on the island. The intention is that she will stand for the post of Deputy in St Saviour. As an owner of a small business in St Saviour for the last seven years, interacting daily with parishioners, Sophie understands the local challenges and how much needs to be done.

It is critical that the many and varied needs of voters in St Saviour can be addressed by those with knowledge and day-to-day experience: there is no doubt in my mind that Sophie fits that bill.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sophie was one of the small business owners behind the successful “Support Jersey Family Businesses” campaign and if successful in the June 22 election, wishes to continue to support local entrepreneurs within the States Assembly.

Walton joins TPP’s sitting States’ members Senator Pallett and Deputy Steve Luce as well as previously announced candidate for the June 2022 elections, Steve Bailey.

For further information or to organise media interviews please contact:

Senator Steve Pallett (Party Leader)

Email: Tel: 07797 749512


Eliot Lincoln (Party Chair)


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