The Progress Party does not support the Overdale Hospital project

Sep 15, 2021

The Progress Party - Jersey Hospital

The Progress Party  returning enough successful Candidates in the 2022 General Election will overturn the decision to build the General Hospital at Overdale.

Our policy, which is published in full here, will be to refurbish and/or build  (where necessary) a new General Hospital at the existing site.

Jersey needs a General Hospital that is fit for purpose and able to tend to the health requirements of Islanders. What Jersey does not need is a project that will saddle our hardworking taxpayers with years of debt and increased taxation demands:

  • The existing hospital will require many tens of millions of pounds worth of repairs and upgrades notwithstanding the prospect of a new hospital at Overdale.
  • The actual Overdale build costs will, in all likelihood, greatly exceed the billion-pound price tag suggested by the current government.
  • There are mounting questions as to the current government’s decision-making process in this saga

This project, if allowed to happen, will end up a painful reminder to generations to come that the unaccountable, indecisive Government of 2021 made a huge environmental and costly mistake at the expense of Islanders.

The Progress Party

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