The Progress Party believe it is totally unacceptable that Jersey’s health department are refusing to publish their full ‘ performance report ‘ because of their concerns over how information contained in the report may be reported by the media.

The Minister, Deputy Renouf came onto office promising a Jersey health service that would improve, would reduce waiting times and most of all be transparent in their dealings with the Jersey public , but it seems that both  he and his senior officers are intent on treating islanders with little or no respect by refusing to be open about how they are  performing.

The public have a right to know whether their health service is improving and to deny them the truth shows a lack of integrity and puts at risk the public’s faith in the very service that has led the island through some difficult times due to the pandemic. Don’t blame the media , they only report what is put in front of them and frankly this  government has sufficient resources , to say the least, within their communications unit to ensure that any report is presented in a fair and honest way without fear of misrepresentation.

Deputy Renouf has to realise that not everything is rosy in his department but it is far better to portray the realities of running a general hospital  honestly and openly rather than attempting  to hide or spin the truth.If there are issues within any department then the staff and  public expect the necessary resources to be provided to rectify problems and deliver the services that we all expect.

We are calling on Deputy Renouf to release the performance report of his department without any further delay to reassure the public that there are not the ‘sensationalist ‘ headlines lurking behind the scenes that his Director General seems so fearful of.

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