The Progress Party will be registered under the Political Parties (Registration) (Jersey) Law 2008 today

Jan 29, 2021

Press Release 29 January 2021

The Progress Party will be registered in the Royal Court under the Political Parties (Registration) (Jersey) Law 2008 today.

Senator Steve Pallett has been appointed interim Party Leader, Deputy Steve Luce as Party Secretary and former Deputy Eddie Noel will act as Party Treasurer.

Senator Steve Pallett said:

“ We are pleased that so many prominent Islanders have agreed to sign the application to register The Progress Party and support the formation of a new political party in Jersey, one that is looking to represent a broad cross section of the local population by acting with a clear vision and a strong and transparent constitution.

We have major hurdles to overcome if we are to rebuild our cherished island after the devastating worldwide pandemic and having politicians with a shared vision and manifesto has to be the way forward if we are to deliver a better future for Islanders.

The Progress Party’s Constitution provides a Statement of Objectives and Values that we consider will be appealing to local people of all ages and backgrounds in Jersey. We will be a grass roots party with our membership at its heart, and members will be actively encouraged to participate in developing policy and decision making. We really want to focus on helping and supporting new candidates for the next General Election in 2022 while encouraging Islanders to become more interested in local politics.”

Deputy Steve Luce said:

“ We have to increase the trust between the public and its elected representatives, so it’s my hope that, with the introduction of The Progress Party, Islanders will see that, if supported, we will be able to deliver a wide range of policies that will have a beneficial impact on everyone.

By working together as a group, we can deliver on a shared manifesto, a manifesto that our membership will have been central to producing. I’d hope that Islanders will want to join us and be part of a new way forward. Being a member of The Progress Party will bring an opportunity to be part of the decision-making process, and a chance to hold your politicians to account.

Our main aim is to help and encourage new candidates for the next election, and give Islanders some real choice at the polls. Jersey people are strongly independent and rightly proud of their traditions, and that is to be applauded, but having 49 States Members elected on individual manifestos does not provide the leadership and governance that they should expect in the 21st century.  The move to the new district elections will provide an opportunity for a more equitable election system, and having candidates with a shared party manifesto all acting together toward common achievable goals is a positive force for progress for Jersey.

Eddie Noel added:

“During my time in the States I formed the opinion that, as individuals, politicians in Jersey have limited opportunities to deliver on election promises.

Now is the right time for The Progress Party to offer candidates a shared platform, built upon the grass roots support of its party members, to contest the 2022 General Election.

Politicians should be held accountable, not just at the end of their political term at the ballot box but, during their term of office, and The Progress Party will offer their members the opportunity to ensure their elected representatives deliver on their election manifesto.”

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