Party Information

Why did we form?

The Progress Party was formed to provide a forum for its membership, who share values and are committed to working together, to deliver a sustainable agenda and to encourage new candidates to put their names forward for the June 2022 General Election to help lead the island in a decisive, clear and effective way.

The Progress Party’s focus will be to sustain and build upon Jersey’s unique history, culture and commerce. A thriving and sustainable economy is the key to meeting our policy objectives. We will encourage an environment where those who seek out new opportunities can thrive, whilst continuing to appreciate and protect Jersey’s natural beauty and respect the rights and aspirations of all its residents, continuing to support the most vulnerable in our community so that Jersey will be a place where we can all enjoy fulfilling lives.

What are The Progress Party’s key values?

The values of The Progress Party define what we do.  Our policies will endeavour to reflect the following key values, namely:

  • the need to sustain a diverse and successful economy for the benefit of all islanders;

  • the need for a balanced and viable environment;

  • the need to promote an inclusive and caring community;

  • the need to support the mental and physical well-being of islanders;

  • to feel safe and secure in our Island.


How are we organised?

A robust Constitution, including the use of a Whip system within the Party, will provide the electorate with the confidence that The Progress Party Candidates will collectively be able to deliver on a Manifesto that is clear about its purpose, values and objectives.

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