Why was The Progress Party formed?

The Progress Party was formed to provide a forum for Islanders, who share values and are committed to working together, to develop and deliver policies to shape the future direction of Jersey.

Our Members are concerned individualistic politics is no longer serving Jersey in a positive way. No one person is able to deliver on policy promises. When a government is formed, all policy and change remain uncertain. Propositions are debated out of existence by individual members, watered down or delayed, leading to increased cost and endemic indecision.

Decisions are made whether good, bad, or indifferent. States Members come and go, Ministers and Governments come and go. The Government and the States of Jersey as a body are not accountable to its people.

Democratic values are entrenched in accountability. If The Progress Party makes the wrong decision, it is accountable, both to our Members and to Islanders.

Real Democracy needs political parties. Jersey needs permanent parties that earn political power and govern, that are forced to articulate disparate interests and viewpoints, that can recruit and develop future government leaders and that can monitor those already in power.


Many of our values are shared by The Jersey Liberal Conservatives.  As such we have joined in coalition with them to work together and to coordinate our campaigns in the run up to the elections on 22nd June 2022.  Both parties agree that it is in the interests of voters that they should place a single Manifesto before the public.

Our Coalition will mean that a vote for a The Progress Party candidate can be regarded as a vote for the Jersey Liberal Conservatives and a vote for a Jersey Liberal Conservatives candidate can be regarded as a vote for the The Progress Party.

It has been agreed that, if he is elected to the States, Sir Philip will be the Coalition’s candidate for Chief Minister.

This is your Island, this is your chance to make a real difference.

Steps to Real Progress

To play a critical role in a democracy a political party must be democratic itself. The Progress Party’s commitment to democratic principles is reflected in our written constitution, day-to-day interactions with Members, and among the party’s leadership and party members. Internal democracy in a political party is characterized by transparent, accountable, and inclusive rules, organizational structures, and processes.

The Progress Party has/ will:

  • developed a robust constitution and set of rules

  • introduced a whip system to maintain a discipline

  • hold elections in autumn 2021 to provide for all officers

Reflecting on words in the Clothier report 2000

”We believe that Jersey, small in size and population but endowed with much wholesome tradition, could become a shining example of a true modern democracy, in which the issues vital to the Island’s future are honestly presented, widely debated, and clearly understood.”

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