While it is important for Connétables to represent his or her own parish, a Connétable should also be able to participate in party politics and be more widely accountable for island wide policies.

To enable this to occur, The Progress Party consider it is important to set out clear protocols to safeguard the Connétables in their dual role, and these are as follows :- 

 1) Any The Progress Party member putting themselves forward for election to the Office of Connétable will have all the benefits of The Progress Party candidature as set out in the Constitution.  In addition, such person may request  that any parish specific aspirations they may have shall be set out in an appendix to the manifesto of The Progress Party to be distributed within the relevant parish,

 2) The Progress Party agree that in the event there is any clear conflict between the Connétable’s Oath of Office and the The Progress Party Constitution the oath of office shall prevail.

 3) The Progress Party undertake to support only one member for election to the Office of Connétable in any one parish.

 4) In relation to the whip system operated by The Progress Party (see Constitution parts 3B and 3C), the whip shall be relaxed and not enforced in relation to any States of Jersey proposition that directly conflicts with the Connétable’s oath (or, after consultation with the Party Whip, the Connétable’s assessment of the best interests of their Parish).

 5) Furthermore, to the extent that any States of Jersey proposition has the backing of the Comite des Connétables, or Supervisory Committee of Connétables in respect of rating, or any other relevant parish committee, the relevant The Progress Party Constable shall consult with the Party Whip to seek the relaxation of the whip under section 2.1.5 of the Constitution, and in the absence of agreement shall vote as the The Progress Party Connétable sees fit.

The Progress Party acknowledge and respect the unique position that the twelve Constables play in island life and within their communities and it is not the intention of The Progress Party to compromise their standing in their parishes or the island more generally. To be clear, The Progress Party has no wish to be involved in parish matters. It is the hope of The Progress Party that a constructive discussion can occur to explore how a Connétable can join The Progress Party and support its objectives and values without any fear of eroding the respect and responsibilities that each respective Connétable holds within their parish.

Our full policy paper on Connétables and party politics is found here 

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