International Relations

Securing Our Island’s Identity

‘Jersey has an international identity that is different from that of the UK’.

More often than not, our distinct identity and independence from other jurisdictions is either not known or is not understood. More often than not we are assumed to be a local authority of the United Kingdom. We are not. More often than not, we are associated with being no more than a finance centre. We are much more than that.

While we share a long relationship with our United Kingdom, Norman and Breton cousins, we have amongst other things, our own history, culture, language, tax system and parliament.

While we are proud to be British, we are not part of the United Kingdom. We are a small island nation in our own right and we should highlight and celebrate our distinctiveness.

We should be proud to be ‘Jersey’.

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Our developing International Relations Policies

  • We will build upon, develop and reinforce a stronger and more confident sense of ‘Jersey’ identity as a small island nation.
  • We will develop initiatives to underpin the fact that Jersey is not just a finance centre but a thriving multi-faceted small nation.
  • We will work with our international partners to develop top level relationships with international organisations in our own right.
  • We will support and develop platforms to attract digital and other non-finance specific business to set up or relocate to Jersey
  • We will support our primary industries to develop and offer their produce onto the international market place.
  • We will support our tourism industry to attract international visitors and work with tourism to develop new attractions in Jersey.
  • We will work with education to develop a University of Jersey and develop specialist courses in areas such as tax, finance, governance and compliance as well as the marine environment and conservation.

How will we achieve our International Relations policies?

We will resurrect the external relations department under the leadership of The Progress Party.

It is imperative that in order to strengthen and celebrate our small island nation’s identity to have an independent government department that is specifically mandated for this purpose.

While we had such a department back in 2018 the current First Minister and his council of ministers reduced any real power and influence it had to develop any meaningful policy or direction.

The Progress Party will build upon and proudly develop our Island identity.  We will strive to promote our international reputation as a well-regulated small nation and a place to visit and do business of all types.