Jersey’s infrastructure  “takes care of the things that underpin everyone’s quality of life”.

‘Investment in sustainable infrastructure plays a crucial role for Jersey society and our economy. It makes an indispensable contribution to more inclusive economic, social and environmental conditions that can increase growth. ‘ OECD

World class infrastructure is central to Jersey’s standard of living and economic wellbeing. The supply of energy, water and other utilities, transportation and communications underpin the quality of our Island’s trade and commerce, health, education, and indeed just about everything.  It is not just about a world class digital highway; it is much more than that.

Jersey’ current Government ministers have struggled and on the whole failed to be innovative or develop commercial efficiencies.  They are limited by a risk adverse, one size fits all philosophy, and suffer from political short-term decisions deflecting from a long term strategic and tactical role of providing safe sustainable infrastructure for our future well-being.

For our Island to continue to flourish a high standard of infrastructure and vision is needed.  To boost quality infrastructure, we will require integrated investment strategies and a whole-of government policy approach to ensure infrastructure reaches its economic, environmental, social and development objectives.

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Our developing Infrastructure policy

  • We will develop a prioritised twenty-year national infrastructure plan and programme.
  • We will commission and provide an on-going audit and review of the state of Jersey’ infrastructure and act on these findings for the good of Jersey.
  • We will review and update the governance structures and processes to ensure alignment between national, parish and private sector accountabilities for infrastructure development and provision for our island as a whole.
  • We will advance best practise in the evaluation, funding and delivery of infrastructure. This will be driven by Government policy and strategic direction but managed and progressed by arm’s length private sector Jersey businesses.
  • We will seize the moment and through prudent use of public and private sector funding and grant, invest in sustainable technologies and innovative plans today. We will no longer kick the can down the road.
  • We will stimulate and advance best practise in the evaluation, investment, funding and delivery of infrastructure.



How will we achieve this Infrastructure policy?

We will redefine the role of Minister for Infrastructure.  Under the current guise the role of policy, regulator and operator is unsustainable and has taken the power and responsibility from the people who understand infrastructure.

The Progress Party in government through this ministry will set policy, strategic direction and a regulatory framework.

We will ensure that management and implementation of infrastructure projects is carried our and managed by arm’s length business, albeit with some amalgamation to avoid duplication. These businesses will be measured and rewarded on behaviours and outcomes which reflect the role of a custodian of our island’s assets.

The Minister for Infrastructure will be mandated to hold these bodies to account and makes sure that the island is well served by these arm’s length bodies.

The Progress Party will provide strong leadership and governance across and within the infrastructure sectors.   In partnership with business and the wider community we will build solid and sustainable foundations to deliver a world class comprehensive infrastructure for Jersey.

First Published 3 June 2021