Planning for our future Housing needs

As a party, we consider it our duty to make sure that every islander’s housing need is accounted for.  That we all have a warm, safe and suitable place to call home, whether this is rented or owned.

While the issue of unchecked migration has partly been to blame for our housing shortage, other factors such as barriers to development and demand lead government policy have also contributed to this problem. However, the basic fact is that Jersey has an unresponsive housing supply.

The Progress Party is well aware there is no magic wand to solve Jersey’s housing issues.  So often the payoff from success is beyond the average Jersey politician’s time horizon and hence why we have this issue in the first place. By electing The Progress Party we will not be hindered by individual politics, as a party we will deliver a  bold innovative plan to build or repurpose land and buildings to ensure all islanders are adequately housed.

Not only will this provide much needed homes for Islanders but it will provide a significant boost to the construction sector and wider economy.

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Our developing Housing Policy

Jersey urgently needs additional housing, there is a crisis in our supply and younger islanders are finding it increasingly difficult to find either suitable housing or being able to afford such.  So too often either red tape or ‘politics’ is getting in the way of creating additional supply for islands, schemes for promoting house buying have backfired and instead pushed up demand due to lack of supply.

The Progress Party will focus on Islanders needs.  We will work to meet the needs of our growing and ageing population.  We will make available land currently not being used or not being suitably used by the States of Jersey.  We will free up other private sector brownfield sites that are suitable for housing to redress this problem.

We will support the States owned housing provider (and other enterprises) to deliver more socially rented properties, first time buyer homes and property suitable for our aging population.  We will introduce schemes to incentivise owners to consider downsizing.

We will work to remove the present regime of complex and costly planning and building regulations.

How will we achieve this Housing Policy?

The Progress Party will make available land currently not being used or land that is not being suitably used by the States of Jersey.  We will free up the large number of States of Jersey sites and private sector sites that are suitable for housing. We will also focus on repurposing and redevelopment of aged and derelict sites and continue to support the States owned housing provider to deliver more socially rented properties and first time buyer homes.

We will work with industry to improve productivity. We will introduce measures to reduce planning barriers to residential construction both in red tape and cost.

We will introduce bold initiatives for people who wish to down size. We will roll out and support a progressive home ownership scheme to support younger families struggling to pull together a deposit, or pay a mortgage, into home ownership.  While we will not prevent buy-to-let purchasing,  we will work on measures that favour a presumption of owner occupier over buy-to-let.