Justice and Home Affairs

The primary role of the Justice and Home Affairs department (“JHA”) to keep islanders safe and Jersey secure

Jersey remains the safe environment that we have come to expect and The Progress Party will continue to support those who uphold the law fairly and firmly.

We will promote preventative and safeguarding measures focused on the most vulnerable by targeting reoffending, and as is expected by the public, ensure that emergency incidents are responded to in a timely manner be it through good quality paramedic care, excellent fire and rescue capability or skillful policing.

We all know that the pace of life in Jersey has increased, and along with it the daily stresses of those who live and work in the island, but it is the primary role of the JHA to keep islanders safe and Jersey secure, and The Progress Party will make sure that happens.

Our developing policies on Justice and Home Affairs

Jersey must continue to adequately resource the seven key areas of the JHA, that of the Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Customs and Immigration, Prison Services, Health and Safety and the Official Analyst to meet the ever changing and diverse challenges that Jersey faces now and into the future.

The Progress Party wants islanders to be reassured that our investment in the JHA will make the island an even better place to live, be it through reduced levels of domestic and child abuse, drug trafficking, financial crime and sexual offences, improved response times, mental health support, or fire prevention.

To do this the Progress Party will continue to support a JHA that works collaboratively and focuses on prevention and early intervention.

How will we do this?

Our general principles

1. The Progress Party will deliver an integrated Ambulance and Fire and Rescue station,
2. We will commit to a combined control room to deliver improved call handling,
3. We support enhanced use of technology to improve efficiency and deliver more effective-ly,
4. The Progress Party want to see better integration and collaboration between services.
5. We will continue to develop better resilience and capability throughout the JHA .

The Seven Services

States of Jersey Police
• We will support continued operational independence through oversight by the Jersey Police Authority.
• The Progress Party will support, where necessary, the provision of more police officers.
• We will review resourcing requirements for both sexual assault and domestic violence cases.
• The Progress Party will support better use of “confiscation money” and property gained illegally.

• We will deliver improved data sharing with Health and Community Services.
• The Progress Party will ensure that the Ambulance Service is adequately resourced to deal with the ever increasing demand for its services.
• The Progress Party would support improved advanced and specialist paramedics to ensure the ‘right care’ at the ‘right place and time’.
• We will review the patient transport service to improve efficiency and meet capacity.

Fire and Rescue
• We support continued investment in both trained firefighters and specialist equipment.
• We will deliver a review into fire prevention in high risk buildings such as high rise flats, offices and multi occupancy premises.
• The Progress Party will promote further education and public engagement to prevent fires.
The Progress Party will review and update the Emergency Planning and Power Law so that the legislation is fit for dealing with emergencies and crisis in the 21st Century

Prison services
• The Progress Party will deliver an enhanced vocational training and improved educational oppor-tunities for prisoners.
• We support pre-release opportunities for low risk prisoners.
• We will deliver better support and mentoring for offenders post release.
• The Progress Party will promote better collaborative collaboration with other government and 3rd sector organisations for offenders when released, particularly those with addiction or mental health issues.
• We support the continued capital programme at the prison.

Customs and Immigration
• We support the need to provide Customs with sufficient officers to keep Jerseys border safe and secure, and to oversee the import and export of goods, and to manage visa and work permit re-quirements.
• The Progress Party believe that it is important, indeed vital, that Customs maintain strict border controls to avoid reputational damage to our membership of the Common Travel Area.

Health and Safety
• The Progress Party will deliver on an effective regulatory framework.
• We support fair and proportionate compliance.
• The Progress Party will work towards reducing both the incidents and severity of work related accidents and ill health.

Official Analyst
• We support an analytical service that is both efficient and effective.
• The Progress Party understand the need to deliver a reliable and robust environmental and con-sumer protection analysis service.