The economy is key to our success and wellbeing

Having a thriving, diverse and sustainable economy and developing a skilled local workforce contributes to the health and well-being of Jersey’s people and its communities. We need to be providing economic security and access to opportunities.

A flourishing, diverse and successful economy is critical for Jersey’s success.

Jersey’s economy ultimately depends on two things:  First, the number of people employed; and second, the value of what those workers produce.   

We must be smarter in how we manage our resources, creating jobs in developing sectors and  delivering improvements in our quality of life. 

Government should be supportive by reducing red tape and bureaucracy, unlike our current government.  For example, only regulating where absolutely necessary and ensuring that policies don’t conflict with new innovation and commerce.

 As an island we need to be bold and move at pace. We must be open and transparent, and remove the risk adverse nature of our current Ministers.

We appreciate that with a successful economy comes challenges. As a political party we will have joined up policy across all sectors to ensure one does not impact the other. 

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Our developing Economic Policy

We will manage and develop the Jersey economy responsibly by introducing curbs on excessive government spending. We will focus on developing a sustainable, innovative and dynamic economy to the benefit of all islanders.

  • We will provide a positive environment that enables innovation to thrive, and for existing industries to develop.  The public expect government to make decisions – we will. We will remove red tape. We will get things done. 
  • We will support our primary industries, our finance industry, and our small and medium size businesses that we regard to be the engine room of our economy. Through innovative policy, we will provide frameworks to assist in the development of new diverse industries. 
  • We will establish an Innovation Centre to bring schools, colleges, business and government together and come up with creative solutions, driving cooperation and experimentation. 
  • We will target investment in appropriate resources to ensure we develop infrastructure to best support Jersey’s industries.
  • We will invest in education to develop quality and skilled people.  We will provide opportunities to access the best levels of education and skills within Jersey. 
  • We will develop a fit for purpose education and vocational training system to allow our children and industry workers to prosper.  We will facilitate re-skilling.
  • We will encourage people to innovate, and promote an entrepreneurial culture.


How will we achieve this Economic Policy?

The Progress Party will provide the island with a clear economic vision for the next 20 years. This will focus on smart growth, cost savings, research and development, and bringing the cost of living under control.  

Our plans will be sustainable and aimed at positively impacting on all aspects of Jersey life.

We will create a better, smarter economic framework that will attract the brightest and best, and work hand in hand with our points-based migration and education policies. 

The Progress Party will commence a process to bring government spending under control.  

Government spending must be sustainable. 

We have capital projects that desperately need to be developed and concluded. We are under no illusions that this will be easy, but our current unaccountable government spending cannot go on any longer.  

The Progress Party will do a stock take of all capital expenditure projects. 

We will replace stagnation and frustration with innovation and success.

Success is based on strong leadership. The Progress Party will provide that leadership.

First Published 3 June 2021