The Progress Party is pleased to announce its first candidates for the June 2022 election.

Feb 6, 2022

Press Release 7 February 2022

The Progress Party is pleased to announce its first candidates for the June 2022 election.

Party Leader Senator Steve Pallett and Deputy Steve Luce have both been confirmed by the Progress Party as candidates.

They are joined by former Island Games director Steve Bailey who has also been through the Progress Party selection process for candidates and will also run in June 2022.

Party Leader Steve Pallett commented

“I am delighted that Steve Bailey, with his proven track record in business and infrastructure, is in our initial cohort of candidates.

We have been speaking, and continue to speak, with a number of potential candidates.

Further announcements of Progress Party members standing for election will be released in due course.

Standing for the States is not a decision to be taken lightly and we will continue to support quality candidates who share our values and are giving serious consideration to being nominated.

And, before others mention it, we encourage diversity and equality amongst our membership so we hope the next candidate might have a different first name!”

Party Chair Eliot Lincoln added

“Steve Bailey is a very welcome addition to the list of Progress Party members running for election in June 2022.

We believe that political parties – groups of politicians with common values and collectively stated objectives – are needed to ensure the government is effective and can deliver.

Pursuing and delivering policies in groups rather than by an individual voice is more likely to meet the expectations of the voting public.

Further announcements will be made as we near the important elections in June”

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