The Progress Party is pleased to announce Deputy Steve Luce as a candidate for the June 2022 election

May 1, 2022

Press Release 1 May 2022

The Progress Party (TPP) is pleased to announce  the current Deputy of St Martin, Steve Luce, will be a candidate in the forthcoming General Election.

Deputy Luce, who is Deputy Leader of The Progress Party, will run as a candidate in the constituency of St Martin and Grouville.

Following a career in farming (both on the land and at sea) Deputy Luce was first elected to the States of Jersey in 2011. During his eleven years in the States Assembly Deputy Luce has served both in Scrutiny and Government. In 2011 he chaired the Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel, was vice chair of the Environment Scrutiny Panel and served on the Legislation Advisory Panel. In 2014 he was elected as Minister for Planning and Environment. In 2018 he left the Council of Ministers and has, since that time, served on two Scrutiny Panels and the Planning Committee.

Deputy Luce’s first major proposition in 2012 was a successful rezoning of a field for affordable housing. His most recent success, only a few weeks ago, was winning the debate on his amendment to provide more retirement homes in St. Martin. In the intervening years the Deputy has worked on many parish projects including the committee that oversaw the highly successful redevelopment of the old St Martin’s School.

Outside of States work, and among many other honorary positions in and outside of St Martin, Deputy Luce has served with the St Catherine’s Lifeboat, on the crew and on shore, since 1988.

The Deputy said

“It’s been a real honour to represent my home parish in the States Assembly. I very much hope to continue to do that in the future. Recent events mean that the next few years are going to be a real challenge for everyone. I want to continue to do what I can to make things better for all Islanders, but most especially the parishioners of St Martin and Grouville”.

For further information or to organise media interviews please contact:

Deputy Steve Luce



Eliot Lincoln (Party Chair)


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