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Steps to real progress

The Progress Party has been formed to provide a forum for Islanders, who share values and are committed to working together, to deliver a sustainable agenda and to encourage new candidates to put their names forward for the June 2022 General Election to help lead the island in a decisive, clear and effective way.

Our strong and detailed Constitution, including a ‘whip’ system for elected States Members, will provide both Members and the electorate with the confidence that those serving in the States Assembly on behalf of the Progress Party will collectively be able to deliver on a Manifesto.  A Manifesto that will be clear about its purpose, values and objectives and help improve voter interest and engagement in the run up to the next election.

The founding Members of The Progress Party consider the following headline policies are important areas. They are listed below in no particular order of priority. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and together developing a vision for the Island that we are so proud of.


Home Affairs

Children / Young People

International Relations


Sports, Culture & the Arts


Committed to progress

The three interim Executive Committee members namely Steve Pallett, Steve Luce and Eddie Noel, jointly recognise the need for change and that change has to be driven by grassroot’s support.

Senator Steve Pallett (Party Leader)

Steve is married to Ann, has 3 children and lives in St. Brelade. He was educated at St. Marks Primary and Hautlieu schools. He managed various businesses including his own fibreglass products company for 30 years.

Elected as Connetable of St. Brelade in 2011, Steve initially served in Scrutiny on various Panels but after re-election in 2014, became Assistant Minister at the Economic Development, the Environment and Education Departments.

Successfully standing as a Senator in 2018, Steve served as an Assistant Minister at both the EDTSC and Health Departments until November 2020 and was politically responsible for sport during this period. He is currently working in Scrutiny and is Chair of the Migration and Population Review Panel .

Steve is an accomplished sportsman, representing Jersey at football and completing Round Jersey and Jersey to France swims. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and is a former President of the Honorary Police.

“I have for some time been keen to offer prospective candidates support through a structured and progressive political party.  By forming The Progress Party we will be  looking to provide that important support by building a party that represents its membership, presents policies that are developed  by its membership, and  involves its membership  at all levels of decision making. It is my hope that our values and future policies will inspire Islanders from all walks of life to stand for the States Assembly in the General Election in June 2022.”

Steve Luce - The Prospect Party

Deputy Steve Luce (Secretary and Party Whip)

Steve is a 62 year old Jerseyman who has spent his life in the farming and growing industry, in the countryside and on the seashore.

First elected to the States as Deputy of St Martin in 2011, Steve is an ex-Environment Minster and a past Chairman of the Economic Affairs Scrutiny Panel. He has also previously served on the Police Complaints Authority and the Youth Panel.

Steve has been a church organist for over 50 years, and lifeboatman with the RNLI for over 30 years. His interests include boating, music and sport, and spending time with his ever increasing family.

“With the introduction of The Progress Party, we will hope to deliver a wide range of policies that will be beneficial for everyone. Those policies will be developed by our membership, and by working together we can deliver on a shared manifesto, a manifesto that our membership will also have been central to producing. My hope is that Islanders will want to join us and be part of a new way forward, because being a member of The Progress Party will bring an opportunity to be part of the decision making process. It is also our aim and ambition to help and encourage new political candidates, and give Islanders some real choice in the 2022 elections.“

“Jersey people are strongly independent and rightly proud of their traditions, and that is to be applauded, but having 49 States Members elected on individual manifestos does not provide the leadership and governance that they should expect in the 21st century. The move to the new district elections will provide an opportunity for a more equitable election system, and having candidates from The Progress Party, with a shared party manifesto, will make this new election process even more appealing to Islanders”

Edward Noel (Treasurer)

Eddie Noel, a Chartered Accountant by profession, retired from political office in May 2018, having served for some 10 years representing his home parish of St Lawrence. During his time as a States Member he formed part of the Council of Ministers in Treasury & Resources, Health & Social Services and finally as Infrastructure Minister.

“During my time in political office I formed the opinion that as individuals our politicians have limited opportunities to deliver on policies they may have promised whilst seeking election. With the move toward large and in some cases multi-Parish electoral districts in 2022, I consider that now is the right time for a political party, such as The Progress Party, to offer candidates and potential candidates a shared platform built upon grassroots support of party members to contest the 2022 elections. The Progress Party will offer Islanders the opportunity to not only vote for their political representatives but also for a viable, costed manifesto, which with enough Progress party States Members being successful in the elections, will be a manifesto that can actually be delivered and The Progress Party held accountable for.”