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    Steve Pallett - The Progress Party

    “The Progress Party members will provide strong, decisive leaders  who working together as a team will be ready willing and able to implement progressive sustainable policy for Jersey.

    Our strong and detailed Constitution, including a ‘whip’ system for elected States Members, will instill Members and the electorate with the confidence that those serving in the States Assembly on behalf of the Progress Party will collectively be able to deliver on a Manifesto.

    A Manifesto that will be clear about its purpose, values and objectives.

    Do you want change or much of the same?

    We will get the job done.”

    Senator Steve Pallett
    Party Leader

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    Jersey needs a General Hospital that is fit for purpose and able to tend to the health requirements of Islanders. What Jersey does not need is a project that will saddle our hardworking taxpayers with years of debt and increased taxation demands. You can now read the full policy on our website. #progressforjersey#countdowntoprogress#jerseyci#jersey #Jersey22 ... See MoreSee Less
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    In response to the Council of Ministers' comments on the Our Hospital amendment, the Future Hospital Review Panel has responded with its views on the business case and scale & scope of the project.

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    @Moore4Jersey @AndyJehan @innagardiner

    Democracy is served where elected States members are provided with FULL FACTS to make an informed decision - Democracy is NOT served by a minority attempting to railroad a decision without all the facts and attempting subterfuge #Jerseyhospital

    Real Democracy needs political parties. Jersey needs permanent parties that earn political power and govern, forced to articulate disparate interests and viewpoints, that can develop future leaders, that can monitor those already in power. points well made regarding the hospital

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